he success of Threads of Life has been supported by significant contributions at critical moments from a diverse group of people. We wish to acknowledge their technical, material and financial support on this page, and express our gratitude for sharing and often helping to shape our understanding of what we do and our vision of what we could do.

Diccon-and-Lesley-Pullen-1Diccon and Lesley Pullen

Diccon and Lesley introduced Threads of Life to the UK in 2008 with a series of talks and events in and around London, and informally represent Threads of Life in the UK. The Pullens lived in Asia for thirty years and continue to travel in Asia and to collect Asian material art particularly Indonesian textiles. Lesley completed her Masters dissertation on ‘Kain Bebali’ in 2008 at SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies), University of London. After a career in international financial services, Diccon is active in the voluntary sector in London, from 2009 to 2013 as Hon Treasurer of the Royal Asiatic Society, and currently as Hon Treasurer of Global Heritage Fund UK. In 2010 Lesley commenced researching for her PhD thesis ‘Representation of Textiles on Indonesian Sculpture: 9th to 14th century’ in the SOAS History of Art and Archaeology department, whilst tutoring at SOAS and lecturing independently on Southeast Asian material art. pullen.london@threadsoflife.com

dennis-raymond-1Dennis Raymond

Dennis Raymond was the chief information architect, graphic designer, and project manager of threadsoflife.com. He has a background in marketing, software development and strategic planning, and works as a business analyst in the US. Dennis lives in Seattle, Washington but travels to Indonesia at every opportunity. “I keep coming back to Bali,” says Dennis. “People ask me why I always return here, and I tell them ‘You can’t help who you fall in love with.'” Dennis collects Indonesian textiles from throughout the archipelago.

Pollock-1Ian Pollock

Ian Pollock researched and wrote the content for this website. Ian graduated from Pomona College in 2006 with a degree in Asian history. He worked at art museums and cultural institutions in New York, studied acting and directing for the stage, and played drums for rock band Adult Situations before moving to Bali in 2008.

Tony-1Tony Cunningham

Anthony B. (Tony) Cunningham, born in southern Africa, is an ethnoecologist working at the interface between local livelihoods, natural resource-based enterprises and conservation. 
He is author of Applied Ethnobotany and African Basketry: Grassroots art from Southern Africa.Tony is on staff at Charles Darwin University, Australia, and is director of People and Plants International, a non-profit knowledge network. Tony has consulted with Threads of Life since 2005, and took many of the photographs used in this website. For information about his photo artwork contact: tonyc05@bigpond.net.au

sara_goodman-1Sara Goodman

Sara Goodman is a textile artist who has represented Threads of Life in the US.
In 2008, she organized a group tour of Bali and Flores in cooperation with Threads of Life. Sara runs a studio and school, House of Dreams, in Lyme, New Hampshire. Her work can be seen at Julie’s Artisans Gallery in New York and The League of New Hampshire Craftsmen’s Stores. 
Learn more at http://www.saragoodmanfiberstudio.com

Abraham-Armada-1Abraham Armada

Abraham Armada designed graphics for major Jakarta advertising agencies until he tired of the fast lane, and decided to raise his family in Bali. Today, Bram is a freelance graphic artist and video editor. He shoots and edits Threads of Life film projects, and looks after our Macintosh computers.

Esme-1Esme Hendrick-Wong

Esme Hendrick-Wong has studied natural dyes in Canada, India, Bangladesh, Southeast Asia, Japan, China, Mongolia, and Taiwan, and has given talks and led workshops on natural dye techniques in Singapore, Canada, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines. She has extensive experience quantifying traditional dye recipes and adapting them for commercial use. Esme has shared her research with our staff, and joined us in the field for natural dye training. Some of Esme’s own textiles are available in the Threads of Life gallery. 
Learn more at http://www.esmelivingcolour.com/

Lindy-Clarke-1Lindy Clarke

Lindy Clarke developed the graphic concepts for the content and layout of threadsoflife.com. 
After working for a decade in advertising and graphic design in Morocco, Algeria, and her native South Africa, Lindy began to travel in Asia.
She spent much of 2007 with Threads of Life as a volunteer.

Ruth-Hadlow-1Ruth Hadlow

Ruth Hadlow is an endless source of information on Timorese textiles and weaving techniques. She is a well-known Australian installation and textile artist in her own right, and teaches at universities across Australia. Ruth is currently working towards a doctorate in Art. 
She lives in Kupang, Timor, with her Timorese husband (former Threads of Life staff member Wilhelmus Daos Kedati) and their three children.

terri_nakamura-1Terri Nakamura

Terri Nakamura donated the design for the Threads of Life logo. Terri has owned and operated the independent Nakamura Graphic Design Company in Seattle, Washington since 1976. She has received more than thirty awards for her work. 
Learn more at http://www.linkedin.com/pub/dir/terri/nakamura

Andre-Iluk-1Andre Iluk

Andre Iluk first introduced Jean Howe and William Ingram to the textile arts of eastern Indonesia, and inspired them to help found Threads of Life. Andre leads small, culturally sensitive tours to Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Bhutan. Learn more at http://www.alamasia.net/

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